CY2-12-5 Batterieladegerät für Rettungsboote. Eingang 42VAC

CY2-12-5 Batterieladegerät für Rettungsboote. Eingang 42VAC

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CY2-12-5 Batterieladegerät für Rettungsboote
Eingang 24V AC
Ausgang 2x14.5V je bis zu 5A

The basic technical parameters
Input voltage: DC 24 V maximum output voltage: 2x14.5 V DC

Second, the basic working principle:
Battery less electricity, plug in charger to 5 a, the green light is lit, when the voltage of the battery charger and 14.5 V, the charger automatically transferred to the floating charge, the yellow indicator.When the load power, charger automatically turn to normal, the above cycle.
Three, work instructions:
Red light: alarm indication, the battery reverse connect or open circuit
Green light: charging indicator, the battery;
Yellow lights: full instructions, batteries
Four, connection order:
The output line red lines connect battery anode, LAN line connect battery cathode.
The input line AC42V input power, power.

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